Friday, October 22, 2010

What kind of mom am I?

I'm that mom.

The mom who is really attached to her kid.

The mom that doesn't mind always having her kid with her.

The mom who is stingy with her kid and doesn't share too often.

I'm the mom who, when I drop her off at her Auntie's house, gets a little sad that I am going to run errands without my kid.

The mom who checks on her kid several times before I go to bed to make sure she is ok.

The mom who is perfectly fine with nursing a kid over 1 year old.

The mom who still uses a monitor at night, even though her kid is 2 and in a toddler bed.

The mom who refuses to let her baby "cry it out" when I know I can fix it. (And my kid ended up sleeping through the night by herself without that method.)

The mom who loves to play with her kid, even if it means the dishes have to wait.

The mom who lets her kid help her with everything, even though it takes twice as long and makes twice the mess.

The mom who doesn't care if I have a mini van or an SUV one day, as long as it works.

The mom who's "break" consists of a shower or doing the dishes alone and that is a good enough break for me.

The mom who doesn't mind listening to kiddie music in the car, or watching kiddie shows.

The mom who can't imagine life without her kid.

I'm attached.

I'm that mom.

And I like it that way.

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  1. love this post. and I'm THAT mom too. Minus the CIO, we did it around 1 year old, it worked and he only cried like 2 nights. and I felt horrible doing it. but pretty much EVERYTHING else sounds like what I do. LOVE