Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Get Out of My Head!

No matter what I do, where I go, anything... I can't get these kids songs out of my head! :) All day I am singing to Abby. It's some weird habit that I have started. Even when I am talking to her sometimes I turn it into a song. Lately I have had a few specific songs COMPLETELY stuck in my mind. They are those all-too-catchy songs that start to haunt you after a while like:

Hinges: a classic Primary song that turned into Abby's comfort song for some ODD reason?! Ever since she was little. If she starts getting upset, especially when I am driving, I start singing that song and she--about 98% of the time will stop crying and just listen! WEIRDO!

Playmate: It WAS a new favorite of mine because I heard someone sing that song to Abby and just HAD to know what it was (it is SO catchy and cute!) Well, I found the words and Abby likes it... a lot... so after about the 30 millionth time of singing it, it isn't my favorite anymore. It's just stuck in my head...

Down by the bay: My mom got me and Abby some kid cd's for us to listen to. Which I am VERY grateful for. Abby smiles and giggles when she hears them. Lately I can sing Abby to sleep with this song!?! Last night I sang through it enough to mention a lot of animals doing weird things to Grannies shakin' their fannies...down by the bay!


  1. you gotta love those fun songs.

  2. hahaha Just one more thing I have to look forward to when the baby comes.

  3. i get the tunes that olive's swing plays stuck in my head...not even songs with words!