Sunday, May 24, 2009

Boobs on the Beach

So what is acceptable?!

Tony and I went down to the beach on the lake this weekend and it was very crowded (given the holiday and everything). We happened to walk by a woman breastfeeding her baby out in the open. Boob out and all. Baby was latched on so she wasn't exposing EVERYTHING, plus she wasn't right where everyone was. We only walked past her because we wanted to get away from all the drunk people acting like idiots... Is there anything wrong with her doing that out in the open? I don't think so, at all. Tony was kinda disgusted, but it may have been just because it was this certain woman who probably shouldn't have been wearing what she was. A whole different topic! ;)

So, I started to think... why are people disgusted to see women nursing, but are ok with girls wearing skanky clothes? At least nursing is natural and what humans are made to do. Yeah, we don't need to flaunt ourselves around topless everywhere, but how is it disgusting when you see a child latched on to it's mother and it isn't disgusting when a girl is barely covered in her swimsuit dancing and prancing around being a drunk idiot trying to get attention from guys? I, personally, am disgusted by that. I know part of it is how I believe in modesty and how I was brought up, but I don't see why people don't get disgusted when girls wear really revealing clothes and then get upset when a drunk guy tries to do something to them. DUH! You are asking for it!

I dunno, I could go off on many tangents here, but I don't find anything wrong with a woman nursing in public uncovered. And besides it being the natural human thing to do, I live in a REALLY HOT part of Arizona where it is over 100 all this week. I think that is a little hot to be covering a baby up to nurse. And two, I can't even cover Abby to nurse her; she won't nurse if I cover her up.

So here is a nice quote I have found that I completely agree with, "Anyone offended by breastfeeding is staring too hard."

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