Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our "Policy"

I am REALLY MAD at Kingman Regional Medical Center. I called them yesterday because I was going to see if they knew of any doctors that perform VBACs at their hospital and the lady I spoke with said they don't do them?!?! I was like, I heard you did them (I talked to someone in that same maternity ward 2 months ago). She said, we just changed our policy. But Flagstaff, Vegas, and Phoenix have some hospitals that do. She was ready to get off the phone and I said that people down here said that you guys did them. She said we used to, but we changed our policy. (GRRR!) She then said that only hospitals with 24/7 access to operating rooms can perform VBACs--as if a VBAC is a big ordeal like surgery or something. I was livid and didn't want to get emotional so I just said ok, thankyou Bye.

Ok... now tell me how any of this makes sense: Only hospitals that have 24/7 access to an OR can do VBACs?!?! So you are telling me that if I had been at your hospital when I was in labor with Abby I couldn't have gotten the emergency csection I needed because you don't have an OR available?!?! If you don't have an OR available for someone trying for a VBAC (who will most likely NOT NEED THE OR) then you are telling me that you aren't equipped to do emergency csections. RIGHT?! Doesn't that only make sense?! This is a bunch of bull. They just don't want to deal with any law suits if someone looses their baby or if they have a uterine rupture.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE... did they not know that if you are having a VBAC that it can be done really safely?! I mean, come on! You already know that something COULD happen so they monitor you and can watch for that so if something happens they can fix it. Well, don't they know that NO MATTER WHAT something could happen to anyone?! And they aren't constantly monitoring people who have never had a csection. Anyone can have a uterine rupture, placental abruption, the list goes on... so why, when they are more than ready for things to happen is it any more dangerous than something suddenly happening to someone and they aren't expecting it?! I just don't get it.

Anyways, I hate the health care system, health insurance and stupid people who are sue happy who ruin things for other people. For now there is nothing I can do about it--I'm not even pregnant. But, if we are still here when I am pregnant again you better believe I will do something about it. They can't make me sign the consent forms for a csection and by law a hospital has to treat any woman in active labor. SO HA!

Tony had the idea that we could just this: If they want to FORCE me to have a csection and get all of their money that they want (because they make big bucks slicing women open) we only give them the money it would have cost to have a normal birth. That's all they would have normally made. We DON'T WANT the csection. But because you can make a better buck doing a repeat csection and you know I would be in and out of there in 20 minutes, you rather not hassle with giving me what I want. Jerks...


  1. Unreal. But you are right - what if you don't sign the consent form? Then they don't have a choice, right, they can't force you into surgery, can they?

  2. That's ridiculous. If that's their supposed reason, then they shouldn't be allowed to delivery there at all. As you obviously know, stuff can go wrong at any time without any prior sign. So stupid. I'm sorry to hear that, but hopefully by the time you do have a another baby things will work out just fine.