Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I really do slack on this blog, but that is ok... I don't think anyone really reads it anyways! :) But today... I was thinking of things I am thankful for... yeah, I know this sounds like a classic Thanksgiving Day post, but I can still be thankful in January too! :) Just thought I would list a few things:

I'm thankful for:

-Netflix on our PS3. Tony and I have a date almost every night after Abby goes to bed! ;) We got hooked on Prison Break (loved it!) and now we are watching Heros (also love it!). Nothing better than cuddling with Tony and watching a TV show with NO commercials and no waiting a week between new episodes! ;)

-Pandora. I LOVE Pandora Radio! Tony has been talking about it for a while, because he drives a lot and uses music to get him through the day :) I finally started using is yesterday and it is AWESOME! I can make different stations for whatever kind of music I want to listen too! It pretty much rocks....

-Being a Stay at Home Mom. I'm very grateful for this. I think I would be pretty depressed if I didn't get to be with her all day and teach her everything. I am glad I don't have to miss all of the boo boos and triumphs of Abby's life. I'm glad I don't have to share her much. And I'm glad I get to play with her all of the time. So that leads me to:

-Tony. I am thankful that he is my best friend. I'm thankful he was patient with me while I didn't realize that I really did like him! ;) I'm grateful that he has always done everything he can to help support us and he has always made it possible for me to be a Stay at Home Mom, like I have always wanted.

-My Parents.... because without them, I have no idea where we would be living. Some gross apartment with us BOTH working while we found someone to watch Abby. And I would have had to miss out on a lot of stuff with Abby.

-my iMac. I no longer have to get close to my 12" screen to see anything! Photoshop is SO much easier with a bigger screen! :) And... I didn't want to end on a terribly mushy note! ;)

So there ya go. A new blog post on my poor deprived blog. :)


  1. gratidute is a great thing to be feeling!

    I love that Zane is one of your favorite boy names!!!! Makes me smile.