Thursday, April 5, 2012


April has come around again and you know what that means... Cesarean Awareness Month! AND this is a very exciting one for me. It is my first CAM that I am a VBAC momma! WOOT WOOT! So happy I can say that about myself. Seriously, I feel like I could shout from the rooftops, "I AM WOMAN!!" ;) A little over dramatic? Yes, but it was such a huge accomplishment for me. I'm proud of myself. And nobody can ever take that away from me. I did it. I had a vaginal birth after a cesarean one. Can anyone else hear the Dora, "We Did It", song playing in the background?! ;)

Anyways... I've been thinking about what I was going to write about this year. I don't feel like I need to talk about Abby's birth, I feel pretty dang healed from that. My last post would have been a good one, but I already wrote that one. Ellie's birth story is a good one, but again, already done. So I thought of this:

What helped me, besides all of the people I talked to?

These 2 quotes that I had on the bathroom mirror. I looked at them and read them every time I went in there. I had the quotes in a Note on my phone and I had them memorized and would sometimes randomly think about them.

"I deserve a healthy, natural birth"
"I focus on what I want, rather than what I fear."

I had talked about making them look nice and framing them, but I never did. What I did was good enough.

I think any VBACer should have these 2 quotes... and look at them every day.

VBACs are awesome! VBACs are safe. VBACs are healing. And hopefully one day they will be highly accepted.

A short post this year. (That's what happens when you have a baby!) :)

I'll end with some news:
"The National Center for Health Statistics has reported that the cesarean rate in 2010 has slightly dipped to an overall rate of 32.8 percent, down from 32.9 percent from 2009. The one-tenth percent reduction reflects the first decrease in fourteen years."-- taken from ICAN's website.

A start maybe? Just makes me really want to educate my children about birth.

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