Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For Real This Time

Sadly, that last post really wasn't that happy... I guess I shouldn't blog when I'm not having a good day! Today I am, so I figured I would get a happy post on here. :)

I'm not really sure what I am going to write... but whatever it is, it WILL BE happy! :) Because I AM happy. :)

Ok, got it... What makes me HAPPY?

Music...I've been listening to a lot of music lately. Thanks to Pandora I can get any kind of music I want! And yesterday I dropped Abby off at a friends house so I could take pictures of a cute cute newborn! She was two weeks old and had red hair! I wanted to eat her up. She was tiny. She is smaller than Abby was when Abby was born.... HAHA! I think I will be cursed with beastly babies (thanks Tony). I guess beastly wasn't exactly nice, but you get what I mean... BIG! Anyways, onto my point... after I dropped Abby off I turned the radio on and listened to "big girl" music! I love that! :) It's the little things I tell ya!

Pictures... I love pictures. Good ones, bad ones... I just love them! Is that weird?! I love to look back and reminisce. It is fun. And taking pictures makes me happy. Even though I didn't take a single picture during playgroup today! (UGH!)

Friends. What a difference it makes when you have friends. I love all of my friends. I even love all of my facebook friends (wow, I just sounded really lame there...). Because it has allowed me to keep in contact with friends I've made around the world... in all my stages of life. When I was younger, whenever we moved, my friends and I would exchange addresses. Not email addresses, because nobody had those! Snail Mail addresses. GOOD GRIEF! I am OLD! Seriously, when did I get that old? I'm starting the "back in my day" stories! HA! Anyways, we would exchange addresses and write letters and send pictures to each other. Because over the 3 years I lived somewhere I made friends, and moving somewhere new was a little scary, but I always had my old friends. But over time, I lost contact with some friends. I lost them, literally. There was no shooting an email to get their new address. But I found quite a few on facebook and it was fun to see where we had ended up! And I also love the cyber mom friends I have. Yes, I have cyber mom friends that I have never met, but know well. Totally weird, I know. But you could compare it to a modern day pen pal... right?! ;) They are awesome though! And I really love my real life friends. Because, it is really important to have real life friendships too. Not that my old friends and cyber friends aren't real, but actual person to person interaction is important. I think... And although Tony is my best friend, it is totally WAY nice to have girl friends too! Because I want to do girl stuff too! :) (Wow... talk about the worlds longest paragraph!)

Family. Tony and Abby are two of the most important people in my life. And I am definitely HAPPY they are with me. :) And my family. They are pretty cool people. They make me happy. I love the humor we all have. It makes me happy. :) And Tony's family. They make me happy. And I am happy we live near both of our parents. I didn't have my grandparents around growing up. So this is all new to me. :) And I am happy that Tony has gotten back in contact with his father. And I am happy I am going to get to meet him and that he is going to meet his granddaughter. And the fact that he lives in Hawaii is a major perk! ;) Well... fun wise... not necessarily financial wise! ;) But that is ok. It is all totally worth it. Money IS just paper.

My Beliefs. Because without that, I think life would be A LOT harder. Speaking of which... I hope I get to see Bro. Mason again someday. He was an awesome man. He was one of those people who, when he smiled at you, you felt like he just gave you a hug and told you that he loved you. He married Tony and I. And actually, Zane is on our boy name list. We think it is a cute name, and it doesn't hurt that such a great man had that name too.

Nap Time. Yup! LOVE IT! :)

Photoshop/Aperture. Those two programs make my life easier! ;)

And speaking of which... I've got to work on the pictures I took yesterday! I'll probably post a few on here when I'm done!

So there you have it. A happy post! :)

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